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Current Externally and Internally Sponsored Research Projects

Investigators Project Title/Abstract Sponsor Start Date External/Internal Research
Joke Bradt Mechanisms Of Music Therapy To Palliate Pain In Patients With Advanced Cancer
The overarching goal of this proposal is to examine mediators hypothesized to account for the pain-reducing effects of music therapy in patients with advanced cancer (in response to PAR-14-294: Arts-Based Approaches in Palliative Care for Symptom Management).
National Institute of Nursing Research September 27, 2017 External
Paulina Sockolow Gaming, Simulation, & Society
Drexel University September 01, 2017 Internal
Kaimal Girija Research and Evaluation of Art Therapy and Music Therapy with Military Service Members with PTS and TBI
Funding sourced through the National Endowment for the Arts' Creative Forces
Americans for the Arts September 01, 2017 External
Margaret Finley Development of a Biopsychosocial Prospective Surveillance Model of Shoulder Pain in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Information obtained from this study will be used to develop a biopsychosocial prospective surveillance model, a method for early detection, intervention, and moderation of shoulder pain
U.S. Department of Defense August 01, 2017 External
Patricia Gerrity Collaborating With The Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services Of Drexel University as an RWJF Health Equity Partner
Serving as a strategic partner/advisor/mentor to RWJF and offer insights to other grantees that might benefit from our Center's work.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation August 01, 2017 External
Joke Bradt Effects Of Music Instrument Lessons On Brain Plasticity Mood And Quality Of Life In Alzheimer Patients
A randomized controlled intervention research project with patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) to (i) increase the quality of life, (ii) ameliorate brain atrophy and cognitive decline, (iii) prevent depression and anxiety, (iv) prolong the time that AD patients can remain out of nursing homes, and (v) advance scientific knowledge about the effects of a music intervention on brain plasticity in AD patients
University of Bergen June 01, 2017 External
Jerome Dugan Reducing Health Disparities Among Minority Households Through Improved Financial Decision Making
This project develops financial strategies households can use to maximize health outcomes in response to income shocks generated by the ACA coverage expansion
National Institutes of Health May 23, 2017 External
Clare Milner Impact shock and risk of stress fracture in walking, marching, and running
The overall objective of the proposed study is to determine the reliability of a research grade portable accelerometer setup and collect preliminary data on tibial shock outside the laboratory to support two funding proposals to federal agencies.
Drexel University May 01, 2017 Internal
Brandy-Joe Milliron Heart Healthy Cooking Lab: Youth Exploring Wellness Through Cooking and Gardening
This proposal brings together two obesity prevention programs: “Vetri Cooking Lab,” which is a 10-week afterschool program in Philadelphia that exposes children to nutrition, food and culinary education through handson food preparation and experiential learning; and “Farm Explorer,” a living, hands-on, mobile farm that travels directly to communities and schools to deliver experiential lessons about gardening and ecology, nutrition education, and seasonal eating.
Drexel University May 01, 2017 Internal
Joke Bradt The Music Interaction Scale Examining Interrater Reliability Of A New Nordoff Robbins Scale
Mid-Atlantic Region Of The America Music Therapy Association May 01, 2017 External
Sherry Goodill The Role of Dance/Movement Therapy in the Treatment of Negative Syndrome and Psychosocial Functioning of Patients with Schizophrenia: A Pilot Study
A mixed methods intervention with explanatory intent study examines the effects of a 10-week group Dance/Movement Therapy treatment program on negative symptoms and psychosocial functioning of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Marian Chace Foundation March 01, 2017 External
Kaimal Girija Arts Research on Chronic Stress Lab (ARCS Lab): Research on Arts-based Interventions for Socio-Emotional Well-being and Physiological Health in Contexts of Stress
A project to conduct research on Arts-based interventions through Arts Research on Chronic Stress Lab (ARCS Lab).
National Endowment for the Arts March 01, 2017 External
Guy Diamond More Than Sad: Preventing Teen Suicide
American Foundation For Suicide Prevention February 01, 2017 External
Jody Russon Attachment-Based Family Therapy for LGNTQI Suicidal Youth: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Transportability
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention October 01, 2016 External
Stella Volpe Nutrition Outreach in Philadelphia Public Schools
Penn State University October 01, 2016 External
Margaret O'Neil Machine Learning Algorithms to Measure Physical Activity in Children with Cerebral Palsy
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development September 07, 2016 External
Guy Diamond Brain Based Biomarker to Differentiate Adolescent Attempters from Non-Attempters
Drexel's Clinical & Translational research Institute September 01, 2016 Internal
Kaimal Girija NRT-IGE Innovating Graduate STEM Education through Bio Special Partnerships
A summative evaluation report will generate a theory of actionand a set of hypotheses about how participation in interdisciplinary studios influences graduate student skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy in interdisciplinary STEM scholarship, as well as how students value both diversity and interdisciplinarity in STEM-related activities and careers.
Temple University September 01, 2016 External
Joke Bradt Drexel University Research Collaborations for NEA/Military Healing Arts Network
National Endowment for the Arts September 01, 2016 External
Joke Bradt The Resilience Songwriting Model for Adolescent Bereavement: A Mixed Methods Study
Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Music Therapy Association August 01, 2016 External
Sheri Silfies Portable Adaptable Strength Testing Device
Coulter - Drexel Translational Research Partnership Program July 01, 2016 Internal
Angela Colistra Developing an Opioid Overdose Prevention and Intervention Training
Drexel - Community Driven Research Day (CDRD) July 01, 2016 Internal
Jennifer Nasser Interaction of Protein and Physical Activity on Brain fNIRS Response to Sugar/Fat
CNHP Internal Seed Funding May 01, 2016 Internal
Patricia Gerrity Expanding Approach to Secure Behavioral Health Services for Children
Pew Charitable Trust April 01, 2016 External
Paulina Sockolow Information Needs of Homecare Nurses During Admission and Care Planning
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality April 01, 2016 External
Deeptha Sukumar Parathyroid Hormone and Cardiometabolic Outcomes in Obesity: Role of Vitamin D and Magnesium Supplementation
This study examines whether dietary interventions to decrease sPTH levels will be associated with reductions in CVD risk. Specifically, whether repleting magnesium status in addition to vitamin D status will reduce sPTH levels in obese individuals.
American Heart Association January 01, 2016 External
Kenneth Hardy Self Reported Experiences in Family Therapy of Lower-Income Black Adolescents in Residential Treatment Facility: A Phenomenological Study
Family Process Institute January 01, 2016 External
Guy Diamond Consumer and Community Partnered Participatory Action Research in the Formation and and Testing of a Plan for Integrated Care Health Homes
The Philadelphia Coalition November 01, 2015 External
Patricia Gerrity Rhealth: Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Risks Among Adolescents
AstraZeneca PLP October 26, 2015 External
Patricia Gerrity The Stephen & Sandra Sheller 11th St. Family Health Services on Advancing Adoption of Trauma-Informed Approaches to Care
Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc. October 10, 2015 External
Kaimal Girija Drexel University Research Collaboration for NEA/Military Healing Arts Partnership Evaluation
The Writer's Center September 01, 2015 External
Stephen Gambescia Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students - Continuing the Tradition of Access and Quality for Graduate Physician Assistant
HRSA July 01, 2015 External
Clare Milner Are Undesirable Lower Extremity Biomechanical Changes Due to Fatigue in Runners Proximally or Distally Driven?
American Society of Biomechanics May 01, 2015 External
Joke Bradt The Impact of Music Listening on Cortical Brain Structures Associated with Emotional Self-Regulation in US
The GRAMMY Foundation April 01, 2015 External
Lisa Chiarello Engagement in the Pediatric Rehabilitation Intervention Process: Its Nature, Measurement, and Role in the Determination of Outcomes
The engagement of children and youth with disabilities, and their parents, in rehabilitation interventions is critical to the success of these therapies. A fully engaged client is actively invested in the intervention session. He or she is receptive to what is happening, shares thoughts and experiences, and shows enthusiasm. She/he is also actively involved in a physical and behavioral sense. Client engagement has long been considered to enhance goal attainment and increase the cost-effectiveness of services; however, there are no measures of client engagement that have been created or validated for use in pediatric rehabilitation. Accordingly, research on the best ways of fostering engagement and its predictive value with respect to outcomes and costs has been hampered.
Canadian Institutes of Health Research February 26, 2015 External
Marlene Watson Perceived Impact of Person-of-the-Therapist Training (POTT) Model on Drexel University Master of Family Therapy Postgraduates
Family Process Institute January 01, 2015 External
Guy Diamond Suicide Prevention in Pennsylvania Schools and Colleges
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare October 01, 2014 External
Stella Volpe Nutrition Outreach in Philadelphia Public Schools
Pennsylvania State University October 01, 2014 External
Margaret O'Neil KOLLECT: Virtual Reality Rehabilitation for Youth with Cerebral Palsy
Coulter - Drexel Translational Research Partnership Program October 01, 2014 External
Rose Ann DiMaria-Ghalili A Wireless Device to Monitor and track Fluid Consumption in At-Risk Older Adults
A Smart Cup as a replacement for ordinary cups used everyday across healthcare settings with a powerful smart device that can measure and monitor liquid consumed allowing health care professionals with assessment and monitoring of nutritional intake.
Smart Activities of Daily Living, LLC September 05, 2014 External
Rose Ann DiMaria-Ghalili Smart Cup: Development of A Device to Measure Liquid Intake
The long term goal of the project is to develop a device (the Smart Cup) that will improve the health of older adults by managing nutrition using smart health technology.
Drexel University - Coulter February 01, 2014 Internal
Kaimal Girija APLI School Leadership Evaluation Program
Lehigh University October 01, 2013 External
Guy Diamond Attachment-Based Family Therapy for Suicidal Adolescents
NIH September 23, 2013 External
Lisa Chiarello Developmental Trajectories of Impairments, Associated Health Conditions and Participation of Children with CP
University of Washington July 01, 2013 External
Guy Diamond Emotional Processing, Attachment and Suicideal Ideation in Attachment-Based Family Therapy
US-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation July 01, 2013 External
Stella Volpe Healthy Futures Imitative: Reducing Childhood Obesity Through Eating Right, Getting Fit and Staying Well in the School Setting
Independence Blue Cross June 01, 2013 External
Lisa Chiarello Developmental Trajectories of Impairments, Associated Health Conditions and Participation of Children with CP
University of Western Ontario August 01, 2012 External
Trish Shewokis HCC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Improved Control and Sensory Feedback for Neuroprosthetics
National Science Foundation June 01, 2011 External
Patricia Shewokis REU Supplement for IIS-1064871 - HCC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Improved Control and Sensory Feedback for Neuroprosthetics
National Science Foundation June 01, 2011 External
Ellen Giarelli Coordinator of Nursing Projects at Hahnemann University Hospital
Tenet Health System Hahnemann, LLC July 01, 2010 External