You Thought You Knew Deanna Schaffer 

May 19, 2014 —

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Deanna Schaffer headshotName:
Deanna Schaffer

Alma mater: Hahnemann University School of Nursing (now the Drexel College of Nursing and Health Professions)

Courses I teach: Principles of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, and Synthesis of Nursing Practice

Research: Workarounds in the Acute Care Settings

Areas of interest/curiosity: Recruitment, Remediation and Retention; Student Life

What I like about Drexel students: Drexel students are hardworking, motivated, dedicated, and distinguished leaders

Favorite place to eat on campus: Sabrina’s (for stuffed French toast)

I can’t live without: My dog Denali

Favorite part of my job: Coaching the Student Nurses Association NCLEX Bowl Team

Favorite thing about Philly: Walking on the Kelly and Martin Luther King Drives in the spring

My favorite course to teach: Synthesis of Nursing Practice because I can evaluate the amount of progress that students have made since entering the nursing program

The best advice I have for students: Care. Live your passion

If I could trade lives with another person for a day it would be: Faith Hill

Something you might not know about me: I am a Harry Potter Super Fan. I was at Barnes and Noble at midnight for all of the book releases. I even own British copies.

My best stress reliever: Reading

My greatest achievement so far at Drexel: Becoming a member of the Alumni Board of Governors

You’ll never see me: Twerking

One thing that always cheers me up: My dog when I come home from work after a long day

The quote I tend to live by: “If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” –J.K. Rowling

Words I use to describe my department: Hardworking and loyal

When no one is around I: Sing out loud