Dr. Fran Cornelius’ Nursing Test Success Book Receives 4-Star Review

October 9, 2013 —

Dr. Fran Cornelius, a clinical professor and Department Chair of the Division of Graduate Nursing, published a book in 2013 that has received a notable 4 star review. She co-authored Nursing Leadership and Management in Nursing Test Success: An Unfolding Case Review with Dr. Ruth Wittman-Price.

The book’s Doody reviewer, Dr. Cynthia Lee Cummings from the North Florida Brooks College of Health, described Dr. Cornelius’ book as “easy to follow,” and recognized the publication’s helpful accompanying web resources. She said, “This [book] will be very helpful to students studying leadership and management for the NCLEX. The questions are pertinent and well-written, and they cover a wide range of topics…this is a worthwhile resource for student preparation.”

 “I feel very proud and honored to receive a 4 star review particularly because a Doody Review is notable in that it has a reputation for unbiased expert reviews of health services books,” Dr. Cornelius said.