Bill Cosby Gives Back to the Community Through Performance Benefitting the 11th Street Expansion

September 30, 2012 — Bill Cosby Gives Back At 8 p.m. on October 5, Bill Cosby will perform on the Mandell Theater stage, located on Drexel’s main campus. An Evening with Bill Cosby is a benefit event that supports the 11th Street expansion. “We thought this was going to be everything we’d ever need and never anticipated the success and the growth that was going to take place. Now, ten years later, we are caring for over 7,000 people,” said Dr. Patty Gerrity, who has two roles and serves as both the Director of 11th Street Family Health Services and as the Associate Dean for Community Programs at the College of Nursing and Health Professions.

Mr. Cosby visited 11th Street in April to tour the facility and to talk with patients and staff. He learned first-hand why 11th Street, which is entirely nurse-managed and has been nationally recognized as an innovative nurse-community partnership model of care, must expand its space and services to meet the need in the community. Mr. Cosby spent several years during his youth living in what is now referred to as the Richard Allen Homes in North Philadelphia. Mr. Cosby is giving back to the community in which he once lived by performing in the intimate theater space on October 5. Sponsorship packages and proceeds from ticket sales will directly benefit the 11th Street Expansion Fund.

11th Street plans to break ground on its building expansion on the land adjacent to the health center that was previously purchased by Drexel University. 11th Street is also working with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and other local agencies to expand the facility and create a superblock.