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Mini Symposia: Chemistry Faculty

- March 12, 2015

Anthony Addison, PhD

"Past/recent work from Addison Lab."
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Peter DeCarlo, PhD - (joint appointment with Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering)


Aaron T. Fafarman, PhD - (courtesy appointment from Chemical and Biological Engineering)

"Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy: A Very Small Solution to a Very Big Problem." - (from 2014)
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Joe Foley, PhD


Frank Ji, PhD

"Research Interests in Ji's group."
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Daniel King, PhD

"Using technology and climate change topics to improve student learning in general chemistry."
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Kevin Owens, PhD

"Analytical Research in the Owens Group - Mass Spectrometry" - (from 2014)
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Lynn S. Penn, PhD

"Surfaces and Interfaces: Design, construction, and evaluation."
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Reinhard Schweitzer-Stenner, PhD

"Unfolding and misfolded states of proteins and peptides explored by optical, vibrational and NMR spectroscopy." - (from 2014)
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Karl Sohlberg, PhD


Peter Wade, PhD

"Wade Group Research" - (from 2014)

Team-Oriented Senior Research Course (2015-16)

Topic: “From Grain to Tap: The Science of Brewing”

Kevin Owens, PhD
Ms. Marisa Egan (Victory Brewing)
Jonathan Soffer, PhD

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