Chemistry Students Win Awards at the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Day

May 22, 2014 — Congratulations to the following chemistry department undergraduate students who have won the awards listed below! The awards were officially presented at the College of Arts & Sciences Honors Day which was held May 22, 2014.

American Chemical Society Philadelphia Section Baccalaureate Award:  Jennie Liao 

Chemistry First Honors: Jennie Liao

Chemistry Second Honors: Dayne Swearer

American Institute of Chemists Baccalaureate Award: for academic achievement – Dayne Swearer

Robert O. Hutchins Endowed Chemistry Prize for Research: Dayne Swearer

Bruce & Cynthia Maryanoff Research Prize:  Jodi Krauss (Junior) 

Kornilew Award for Unusual Research: Matthew McBride 

The Royal Society of Chemistry Merck Index Award:  Joseph Trusello

The CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award: Hannah Bowfinger

The HyperCube Scholar Award: Kayla Gogarty

Freshman with a 4.0 GPA: Ravipati Prasanti