Papish Group Publishes in Organometallics on Hydrogenation in Water with New Bifunctional Ligand

November 14, 2011 — New ligand places hydrogen bonding groups near the metal center, and ruthenium complexes with this ligand allow for “green” transfer hydrogenations run in water as the solvent. This article was a team effort and included postdoctoral, graduate student, and undergraduate co-authors.  This work was funded by ACS-PRF and NSF CAREER.

Transfer Hydrogenation in Water via a Ruthenium Catalyst with OH Groups near the Metal Center on a bipy Scaffold
Ismael Nieto, Michelle S. Livings, John B. Sacci, Lauren E. Reuther, Matthias Zeller and Elizabeth T. Papish
Organometallics, Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/om200638p
Publication Date (Web): November 11, 2011
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