Dr. Yen Wei Delivers a Seminar at UPenn

April 5, 2005 — Dr. Yen Wei, Herman B. Wagner Professor of Polymer and Materials Chemistry, delivered an invited seminar at University of Pennsylvania, Department of Chemistry, entitled "Protein folding and protein-protein interactions in nanostructured metal oxide matrices" on March 8, 2005. He also presented three papers at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) and American Association for Dental Research (AADR) national meeting in Baltimore, March 9-12, 2005: (1) "Polymerization of vinyl-modified silica nanoparticle assemblies to form nanocomposites with low volume shrinkage for potential dental applications" co-authored with Prof. G. Yang of the Physics Department and chemistry graduate students S. Cheng and Z. Sun at Drexel University, (2) "Micro-tensile evaluation of a novel organic-inorganic hybrid reactive dentin primer" co-authored with Dr. S. Li, Research Associate Professor of Chemistry and Dr. S. Praveen at Drexel University and Profs. K. Boberick and G. Baran as well as graduate students J. Davis, B. Zuckman at Temple University, and (3) "Synthesis of nanostructured materials for potential dental filler applications" co-authored with Prof. Li, Dr. S. Praveen and graduate students A. Patel, Z. Sun, J. Xu and Q. Feng at Drexel University and with Prof. K.-Y. Qiu and J. Bai at Peking University, China.