College of Arts & Sciences Research Day

April 27, 2004 — Congratulations to the following students for their awards at the Fourth Annual CoAS Research Day!

Ari Silver for a third-prize award in the Undergraduate Division for his poster entitled "A Novel Conformational Searching Technique for Low Degree Polymers". Ari’s faculty advisor is Dr. Karl Sohlberg.
Melissa Mertzman for a third-prize award in the Graduate Division for her poster entitled, "The Effect of Surfactant Concentration and Buffer Selection on Chromatographic Figures of Merit in Chiral Microemulsion Electrokinetic Chromatography". Melissa's faculty advisor is Dr. Joe Foley.
Alpa Patel, along with co-authors Shuxi Li, Ce Wang and Wanjin Zhang, as a Visual Presentation Winner, for her poster entitled "Fabrication of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Co-Polymer Nanofibers via Electrospinning". Alpa's faculty advisor is Dr. Yen Wei.