Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley to Serve as the New Coordinator of e-Learning

April 16, 2004 — On April 14 Dean Donna Murasko announced that Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley, Associate Professor of Chemistry, has agreed to serve as the new Coordinator of e-Learning within the College of Arts & Sciences. Dr. Bradley has not only utilized web-based technology in his courses here at Drexel, but has also published on his results in this area. Concerning e-Learning within CoAS, Dean Murasko wrote: “As you are well aware, the University has had considerable discussions regarding e-Learning over the last year or so. While e-Learning has multiple definitions, it is clear that the utilization of various technologies in our classes is an avenue that needs to be carefully explored, evaluated, and implemented where appropriate”. In order to assist other faculty in the college who are interested in pursuing these activities, Dr. Bradley will have an office within the Dean's Office suite to make him more available. Workshops on e-Learning will also be held in the College during May.