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College polices supplement University policy and can often be more restrictive than University policies therefore, not only is it important, but it is your responsibility to stay abreast of all the updates and changes to both university and college policies. Since University curricula, programs, and policies cannot be static in a changing environment, this information is subject to change at any time. As a result, you should consult the CCI website on a regular basis throughout your career at Drexel. They may be updated periodically.

If you do not find what you need, please e-mail the College at or call 215.895.2474.

NOTE: Lectures may be recorded and/or streamed and rebroadcast for educational purposes only.

Best wishes for success during your period of study here!

CCI Conduct Policy

The College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) expects students in the College to exhibit behavior that embodies integrity. The programs in this College must have heightened standards of conduct given that computing and informatics professionals will be given access to sensitive data and/or be taught how to access sensitive data.

Therefore, the College strictly adheres to the policies outlined by the University as it relates to Academic Integrity. Violations of the Academic Integrity policy include, but are not limited to:  1. Plagiarism, 2. Fabrication, 3. Cheating, and 4. Academic Misconduct, all outlined in Drexel University's Code of Conduct handbook. When a student or organization does not act responsibly and violates the University policies, rules, regulations, or standards of conduct, formal disciplinary action may result.

The College requires that students act with integrity outside of the classroom as well. Any conduct violations related to integrity that happen outside of the classroom and/or off campus will also be treated very seriously. Conduct violations include, but are not limited to: identity theft, a purposeful breach of any website or data system ("hacking"), tampering with confidential/sensitive data, and/or the unauthorized sharing of confidential/sensitive data.

Both Drexel University and the College also expect that every student abide by the laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Drexel subscribes to the view that, where practical, it shall deal with matters of student misconduct internally. However, where student misconduct implicates federal, state, or local laws, the appropriate law enforcement officials may be contacted.

Acceleration of Degree

The College will not approve acceleration of a degree for purposes of graduation.

Academic Standards

A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation for all undergraduate programs at Drexel. Any student whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 at the end of any term will be placed on a warning list and will be notified.

Academic Standards pertaining to all students can be viewed here.

Note: CCI will not readmit a student to the college more than one time, should you be dropped due to poor academic achievement.

For information about the College's readmission policy and procedures associated with it, click this link.

Add/Drop Policy

Students are able to add or drop a course via Drexel One up until the Sunday of the second week of the term. For assistance, please see your advisor before Friday at 5pm of the second week of the term.

Applying to the BS/MS program

Students interested in the BS/MS accelerated program should view the following information:

Change of Major

  • Please contact a CCI advisor!
  • Obtain a Change of Curriculum or Status form from the "Forms" section of Drexel Central website
  • Obtain the necessary signatures:
  • Academic Dean of College or Academic Advisor in which you are currently enrolled
  • Academic Dean of College or Academic Advisor into which you are transferring
  • Co-op Coordinator (3201 Arch Street)
  • International Students and Scholars Office (if applicable)
  • Drexel Central Office (click here to view locations)

Form must have all signatures and be left at Drexel Central before the end of the second week of the term in which the change is to take effect.

Change of Major Policy Exception: Many undergraduate students change majors during their college careers. Unfortunately, students who get off to a bad start academically may want to change their major but will be unable to do so because they do not meet the 2.0 GPA requirement for internal transfer. This leaves students stuck in one major while they are actually pursuing another major. This deprives students of proper advising and easy access to courses they need, and complicates scheduling for the college.

However, CCI does have a special internal transfer policy that allows second term students to change their major, even if they are not in good standing with the University. If, by doing so, a student's term GPA will be improved, the mathematics and science grades from the first term will be excluded when determining the cumulative GPA. If these courses are excluded from the GPA in order to officially change majors into CCI, then the exempt courses must be retaken to meet the mathematics and science requirements necessary for their degree.

Note: The student's academic and judicial file will also be reviewed in this process. CCI may deny transfer regardless of the recalculated cumulative GPA if there is any indication that the transfer would not serve the interests of the College or student.

Co-op Policy

Students who enter Drexel University in either the Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT) major can elect to participate in either the 5 year co-op program or the 4 year co-op program, while the Software Engineering (SE) major only includes the 5 year co-op program. Students electing the 5 year co-op program are required to complete *three six-month periods of co-op employment. Students electing the 4 year co-op program are required to complete one six-month period of co-op employment.
*Students who enter Drexel University from another institution (considered to be a "transfer" student) into the 5 year co-op program can choose to waive the third co-op experience.

Credit by Examination

The College of Computing & Informatics does not offer credit by exam for any of its course offerings. Other colleges and departments at the University may offer credit by exam. Please visit Drexel Central's website to view the Credit by Examination policy.

Course Withdrawal

To withdraw from a course (weeks 3-7):

  1. Complete an Add/Drop/Withdrawal form located on Drexel Central's website
  2. Have the instructor of the course sign the form.
  3. Have your academic advisor sign the form.
  4. Deliver the completed form with all necessary signatures to Drexel Central before 5 p.m. on Friday of the 7th week of the term. Incomplete forms or forms delivered to Drexel Central after the deadline will NOT be processed.
  5. You will be notified by Drexel Central that your form as been processed.

If you have questions about this process, contact your academic advisor. If you are unsure of where you stand in a course, ask the instructor of the course immediately.

Evening Courses

The only full-time CCI students who are permitted to enroll in Goodwin College sections of INFO courses are those who 1) are last term graduating seniors with no other scheduling options due to course scheduling conflicts or 2) are on co-op. Please note: Work schedule conflicts are not valid reasons to register for Goodwin College classes. If you do not meet one of these two criteria, you need to either take the CCI version of the course that is being offered (which includes 500-level sections offered in the evening) or work with your advisor to find another course to register for in the given term. The Goodwin College sections are identified by a 700-level section number.

Full-time/Part-time Policy

CCI adheres to the University's policy regarding full-time and part-time status. To view this policy, please visit Drexel Central's Registration and Student Status Policies webpage.

Grade Disputes and Appeals

All appeals and grievances must be submitted to the Department Head within one term of the student receiving the grade in question. Final grades only are subject to appeal. Grades throughout the course are not subject to appeal.

Grade disputes are issues in which the administration of CCI rarely involves itself. A grade being simply "unfair" in the opinion of the student is not grounds for an appeal unless the case involves a violation of University policy or it can be proven beyond doubt that the grade assigned was arbitrary or capricious. "Arbitrary or capricious" implies that:

  • The student has been assigned a grade on the basis of something other than his or her performance in the course; or
  • Standards utilized in the determination of the student's grade are more exacting or demanding than those applied to other students in the course; or
  • The grade is based upon standards that are significant, unannounced and unreasonable departures from those articulated in the course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the course

(Taken from the Radford University Office of the Registrar website) Accessed on 8/24/14.

Student written appeals submitted to the Department Head should include details regarding why the grade given was arbitrary and/or capricious and relevant evidence. Once the written appeal is received, the Department Head will present it to the instructor in question for a written response. After receiving both the student's written appeal and the instructor's written response, the Department Head will forward both to the Academic Standing Committee for review and decision. The Department Head is a voting member of the Academic Standing Committee as are two full-time faculty of CCI. If a resolution can not be determined by the committee, the student and instructor may be asked to come before the committee to have an informal, fact-finding discussion regarding the details of the case. Neither the student nor the faculty member will be accompanied by an advocate or representative. After the meeting, the committee will discuss the case privately. If the majority of committee members feels there is evidence of arbitrary or capricious behavior exhibited in the grading of the student, the committee will take action. This action could include, but it not limited to:

  1. Requesting another instructor grade the student's work
  2. Request another final exam, paper or project be given to the student

Independent Study in Information Systems/Technology (INFO 399)

Independent Study may involve research and data collection, project design and implementation, systems analysis work, development of a specific application for an information handling problem, etc., and can be pursued in any subject area relevant to information systems where a qualified and interested full-time faculty member is available for guidance.

The independent study topic that you select must be something that is not already offered in the curriculum. Independent Study courses cannot be used to replace an existing course.

Academic credit will not be given for technical certification work, even if it is embedded in an academic curriculum. This policy covers both transfer credits and independent studies done at Drexel. If you are planning to do an independent study, you must FIRST meet the prerequisite, which is "approval of instructor and college." This means that you must:

  1. Select a topic or project for the study (this cannot replace an existing CCI course).
  2. Fill out an Independent Study Approval Form [pdf]
  3. Approach a full-time faculty member who you want to supervise your study and discuss your proposal. If the full-time faculty member agrees to supervise your project, ask him/her to sign the form.
  4. Ask your advisor to sign the form and turn it over to the associate dean. We will get in touch with you if there is a problem, otherwise you will be registered for the course and notified via email once the course is added. Independent study forms must be completed no later than 4 weeks before the start of the term. You will be registered once the form is completed and approved.


CCI will only accept a maximum of 2 transfer (from an external institution) courses into any of our minors. These courses must follow our normal credit transfer criteria:

  • Course must have been completed at an accredited institution
  • Grade must be "C" or better to be acceptable for transfer
  • Credits, but not quality points, will transfer.
  • No 300 + level Drexel course can be transferred in from a community college

In addition, it is at the discretion of CCI as to how these courses will transfer into the minor.


Students are able to register for courses when their time tickets open. Time ticket information can be viewed on the Drexel Central website. It is each student's responsibility to ensure that they are taking the correct courses necessary to progress through their degree. Please contact an academic advisor for assistance.

Requesting a Prerequisites Waiver

If you would like to take a class and have not yet satisfied the prerequisite, you can request written permission to enroll in the course. Approval to waive the prerequisite may be dependent on your academic and work history. If you are requesting a prerequisite waiver request for a required course it does not exempt you from completing that course in the future. Please contact your advisor to obtain a prerequisite waiver request form.

Once your waiver request has been reviewed, you will be contacted by your Undergraduate Advisor. If you have received permission to enroll in a course without a prerequisite, your Undergraduate Advisor will assist you with registration. Written approval is required prior to registration.

Readmission Information

CCI policies supplement and, in some cases, may be more restrictive than Drexel University policy. CCI encourages all students to familiarize themselves with both College and University policies.

For students who seek Readmission (who have not registered for any course for more than one academic year): Undergraduate students previously enrolled at Drexel who have not registered for any course for more than one academic year may apply directly for readmission by completing an "Application for Readmission," which is available from the Drexel Central website. If the student meets the minimum requirements listed below and left the University in good academic standing, he or she should make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor in the College to complete the readmission process.

  • The student was previously accepted into a degree program at Drexel University.
  • The student maintained a 2.00 or greater term and cumulative GPA*. A 3.00 cumulative GPA is required for students seeking teacher certification.
  • There are no student holds (e.g., financial) that will impede readmission.
  • The student was not dismissed due to academic dishonesty or any misconduct that violates the University's Student Code of Conduct. For details on student conduct, please review the Official Student Handbook.

If a student attended another institution after they left CCI, he or she should bring transcripts to the meeting with the academic advisor.

If readmission is granted, the student will be required to sign an Application for Readmission form before his or her readmission may be processed. A discussion regarding the student's next term of registration and schedule will also take place.

*Any incomplete or unresolved grade will be considered an "F" unless evidence of the filing of a formal "Change of Grade" form or an approved "Drop/Withdraw" can be readily ascertained.

For students who seek Reinstatement (who have been dismissed for academic reasons):

Undergraduate students who have been dismissed from the University for poor scholarship have the right to appeal the decision. Students may appeal by meeting the following requirements:

  • The student is required to contact the College to make an appointment to meet with the College Academic Standing Appeal Committee. The student will be given a "Student Preparation for Reinstatement Meeting" form to fill out and bring to the Academic Standing Committee meeting.
  • This committee includes the student's academic advisor, co-op coordinator, two (2) faculty members and the Assistant Dean of Student Services. The purpose of this meeting is to determine if the student can successfully complete the remaining curriculum. The student will be given an opportunity to explain what happened and why he/she should be granted reinstatement to the program.

If an appeal is successful, the student will be required to develop a plan of study to ensure academic progress with his or her advisor. Additionally, the student must sign an Authorization for Reinstatement from Academic Dismissal form before his or her reinstatement may be processed.

Any subsequent academic dismissal action for which the student has not met the agreed upon academic progress goals will result in final dismissal from the College.

The determinations to approve or deny reinstatement to CCI are final.

Statute of Limitations on Earned Course Credit

CCI follows the University policy regarding statute of limitations on earned course credit, except in cases of technology rich courses. In those cases, review is given on a course by course basis by the Associate Dean of the curriculum.

Taking Courses while on Co-op

If you want to take courses at Drexel while you are on Co-op, you should first contact your Co-op coordinator. Have your Co-op coordinator sign a fully completed add form (found under "forms" on Drexel Central website). Then drop the form off at 306 Rush for processing. If the course is open and you meet all prerequisites, we will add you. You are limited to taking a maximum of 2 Drexel courses per Co-op term.

Student Name Change in Blackboard

A student's name, as listed in Blackboard, must match the University's record of the student's official name (as listed in DrexelOne/Banner). A student wishing to change his or her name can submit their request per the instructions available on Drexel Central's website. Once the name has been officially changed, we ask that the student contact his or her advisor to have this information updated in Blackboard.

Taking Courses while on Co-op

If you want to take courses at Drexel while you are on Co-op, you should first contact your Co-op coordinator. Have your Co-op coordinator sign a fully completed add form (found under "Forms" on Drexel Central website). Then drop the form off at 306 Rush for processing. If the course is open and you meet all prerequisites, we will add you. You are limited to taking a maximum of 2 Drexel courses per Co-op term.

Term Credit Maximum

The maximum number of credits per term that a full-time student can enroll in is 20 credits. The only exception to this policy is for last term graduating seniors, who are allowed to take one class over 20 credits in order to graduate on schedule.

Time Tickets

Registration time tickets for a particular term can be found on the Drexel Central website.

Transfer Credits

If you plan to take a class at an accredited outside institution, you must obtain permission from your CCI advisor in advance of registration. To do so, consult with your advisor and ask them for a Transfer Credit Approval form.

Policies for transfer of undergraduate credit earned at another institution:

  • Transfer credit will be given for any pre-approved course for which you received a grade of "C" or better.
  • A maximum of 90 transfer credits earned at an outside institution can count toward the CCI degree
  • Students who have senior standing must take all of their remaining credits at Drexel. Students who do not have senior standing and have been pre-approved to take transfer courses, must have it completed before they reach senior status.

Students who register for a course outside of Drexel prior to obtaining approval risk having to drop the course if approval is denied for any reason.

University Withdrawal

If a student is contemplating withdrawing from the University, a student should first meet with his/her academic advisor to discuss possible options and the appropriate procedure for doing so. A University withdrawal form can be found on Drexel Central website.