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Cameron Abrams

Cameron Abrams
Professor and Department Head; Professor (by courtesy), Drexel University College of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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CAT 483
Molecular Simulations in Biophysics and Materials
HIV-1 Envelope Structure and Function
Protein-Ligand Binding Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Nicolas Alvarez

Nicolas Alvarez
Assistant Professor

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CAT 380-B
Photonic Crystal Defect Chromatography
Extensional rheology of polymer/polymer composites
Surfactant/polymer transport to fluid and solid interfaces
Aqueous lubrication
Interfacial Instabilities

Dr. Jason Baxter

Jason Baxter
Associate Professor

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CAT 481
Solar cells
Semiconductor thin films and nanomaterials
Ultrafast spectroscopy

Dr. Richard Cairncross

Richard Cairncross
Associate Professor

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CAT 381-B
Biodiesel Production
Waste to Energy Systems
Biodegradable Polymers and Composites

Dr. Nily Dan

Nily Dan
Associate Professor

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CAT 477
Self assembly in amphiphilic and polymeric systems
Controlled drug release from polymer-based carriers

Dr. Aaron Fafarman

Aaron Fafarman
Assistant Professor

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CAT 482
Photovoltaic energy conversion
Solution-based synthesis of semiconductor thin films
Colloidal nanocrystals
Electromodulation and photomodulation spectroscopy

Dr. Vibha Kalra

Vibha Kalra
Associate Professor

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CAT 479
Electrodes for Energy Storage and Conversion
Supercapacitors, Li-S Batteries, Fuel Cells, Flow Batteries
Electrospinning of Nanofibers
Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Dr. Kenneth Lau

Kenneth Lau
Associate Professor

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CAT 278
Polymer thin films and devices
Energy capture (solar cells)
Energy storage (supercapacitors, batteries)
Surface engineering (superhydrophobicity, superhydrophilicity)

Raj Mutharasan

Raj Mutharasan
Frank A. Fletcher Professor

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CAT 281
Cantilever sensors for biological detection
Modeling of resonance
Dynamics of fluid-solid interactions
Mechanics and related phenomena in biological binding and interaction

Giuseppe Palmese

Giuseppe Palmese
Professor and Interim Dean, College of Engineering

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CAT 170
Thermosetting polymers and biomaterials
Composites and interfaces
Processing-Structure-Property relationships

Joshua Snyder
Assistant Professor

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CAT 381-C
Electrocatalysis (Energy Conversion/Storage)
Heterogeneous Catalysis
Corrosion (Dealloying, Nanoporous Metals)
Interfacial Electrochemical Phenomena in Nanostructured Materials
Colloidal Synthesis

Masoud Soroush

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CAT 484
Modeling, control and optimization of solar cell, fuel cell and power storage systems
Probabilistic risk assessment and mitigation
Polymerization reaction engineering
Process systems engineering
Polymer membranes
Multiscale mathematical modeling

John Speidel

John Speidel
Teaching Professor

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(215) 895-4980
CAT 279

Maureen Tang

Maureen Tang
Assistant Professor

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CAT 380-A
Batteries and fuel cells
Nonaqueous electrochemistry
Charge transport at interfaces

John Via
Professor (by courtesy)

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University Crossing Room 136

Michael Walters

Michael Walters
Assistant Teaching Professor
Undergraduate Laboratory Supervisor

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(215) 895-2235
CAT 379

Steven Wrenn

Steven Wrenn

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CAT 480
Biological Colloids
Membrane/Ultrasound Interactions
Theranostic Applications of Microbubbles

Emeritus Faculty

Charles B. Weinberger
Emeritus Faculty

Research Professors

Santosh Kumar Yadav
Assistant Research Professor
Lab: Bossone 521
Yuesheng Ye
Research Professor
CAT 362
(215) 895-5828

Affiliated Faculty

Yossef A. Elabd
Texas A&M University
Reseach Website
Anthony M. Lowman
Dean, College of Engineering
Rowan University

Adjunct Professors

Stephen Dicker
Adjunct Professor
Michael C. Grady
Associate Professor, Part-Time
Gennaro Maffia
Professor, Part-Time
Steven G. Schon
Associate Professor

CAT 27A - 288

Visiting Professors

Garland W. Fussell
Visiting Research Professor

CAT 27A - 262

Robert E. Jensen
ARL-Visiting Research Professor
John La Scala
ARL-Visiting Research Professor
James Sands
ARL-Visiting Research Professor
Mark R. Van Landingham
ARL-Visiting Research Professor