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Mailing Services

All enquiries for student mail should be directed to the office of Residential Living
Phone: 215.895.6154
Fax: 215.895.6225
Student Life Contact Directory

  • Incoming and Outgoing Mail Pickup and Distribution
  • Interoffice List Processing and Distribution
  • Label Printing and Affixing
  • Mail Piece Design & Analysis
  • Full Service Lettershop
  • List Processing for Postal Discounts
  • List Processing for Address Correction
  • Mail-merged Documents
  • Insertion of Multi-piece Mailings

Incoming and Outgoing Mail Pickup and Distribution
Drexel Printing & Mailing Services’ mail couriers pick up the US mail for Drexel University between 7:00am and 7:30am each morning. This mail, along with the previous day’s inter-office mail, is sorted by department/location for delivery throughout the University. The couriers pick up outgoing mail at the same time as they deliver. US mail can also be brought to the Mail Center in the General Services/Drexel Parking Garage Building at 34th and Market Streets by 3:30pm and it will usually go out in that same day’s mail. Please remember to attach a completed Mail Center Work Order

Interoffice List Processing and Distribution
If you have an item that requires campus distribution, Drexel Printing & Mailing Services will print the piece, generate the distribution list(s) based on your needs, address the piece and deliver it. Mailing lists for both the University City Main Campus and the Center City Hahnemann Campus are available and can be tailored to your specifications.

Label Printing, Affixing & Distribution
Services include printing labels from your list or from specific campus address lists and affixing to your mail piece to be distributed interoffice or mailed via the US Postal Service.

Mail Piece Design & Analysis
Proper mail piece design is critical to ensure that you can take advantage of all available postal discounts. When mailing at First Class rates, simple design changes can cut your postage costs almost in half, for example - folding several 8-1/2" x 11" sheets in half and mailing them in a 6" x 9" inch envelope costs $.46 rather than the $.83 it would cost to mail flat in a 9" x 12" inch envelope.

Interoffice List Processing and Distribution
The following are categories of employee lists that are generally considered for an Interoffice mailing. You can also select a list of only Deans, Directors and Department Heads for Drexel and/or DUCOM. Since the actual quantities in each category vary from day to day, it’s best to contact us for a current count and to get an accurate estimate of the cost for your mailing.

ECLS ECLS description ECLS ECLS description
EF Exempt Full Time E1 Exempt Full Time
EP Exempt Part Time E2 Exempt Part Time
FD Faculty Full Time 9/12 F1 Faculty Full Time 12/12
FF Faculty Full Time F2 Faculty Part Time
FJ Faculty Adjunct F3 Faculty Adjunct
FP Faculty Part Time F5 Faculty Full Time High Comp
NF Non-Exempt Full Time N1 Non-Exempt Full Time
NP Non-Exempt Part Time N2 Non-Exempt Part Time
UC Union Custodial
UE Union OpEngineer
UM Union Maintenance

Full Service Lettershop

Whether mailing 100 postcards or 60,000 newsletters, our full service production facility takes care of it! Services include inserting invitations, booklets, brochures, etc. and folding and inserting mail-merged documents. As certified US Postal Service professionals, Drexel Mailing Services staff are here to help you get your job in the mail as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Processing Mailing Lists for Postal Discounts and Preparing Non–Profit Mail

Your spreadsheet or other delimited list of names and addresses is processed through our Postal Sorting Software to verify the addresses, append zip and zip +4 codes and sort the lists according to postal regulations. The addresses are printed on your mail piece using our high-speed inkjet printing system and the sorted pieces are put into the assigned trays or sacks and packaged for presentation to the Postal Service Bulk Mail Center along with the required paperwork.

List Processing for Address Correction

To improve the deliverability of your mailing, we run your address file against the US Postal Service National Change of Address database. This process updates your list with any address changes that have been filed with the Post Office within the past 18 months. If requested, a list of the addresses that were corrected can be provided.

Mail Merged Documents

Mail merge - Combining text (Word or Publisher files) with a list of names and /or other information into documents printed on plain paper or letterhead that can be mailed or inserted into an envelope and mailed. If the envelope does not have a window, it becomes a “match mailing” in which we must manually match the different pieces by the addressee’s name before inserting. To simplify the process and reduce the cost, window envelopes are recommended.

Insertion of Multi-Piece Mailings

Invitations, brochures with multiple inserts, posters, all sizes & shapes, pins, pens, key chains, T-shirts or any other items can be inserted and mailed.


  • Contact us before you start to design your piece. The size, shape and format can all affect your postage rate.
  • Let us recommend the best type and class of postage based on the quantity to be mailed and the delivery date required. We can tell you when it’s best to use an ‘Indicia’.
  • Allow yourself and us enough time to mail your piece at the least expensive rate. As soon as you know there is an event, call us.
  • Remember, that with the new rates, you don’t want to use a “Flat” (9 x 12”) unless you have to. If possible, fold your pieces down to fit in a 6 x 9” or #10 envelope.
  • Remember that Newsletters should also fold down to 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 instead of mailing at 8-1/2 x 11” to get the best rates.
  • Let us help you to get your mail delivered. Make sure your address lists are current. We will process them to check for recent address changes.
  • Always call us first!


  • Don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Don’t think you are helping us or saving money by printing and affixing your own address labels. It may actually delay your mailing and cost you more.
  • Don’t design and print your mailpiece without contacting us first. We can save you money and also help to make sure your mail gets delivered.
  • Don’t preprint an INDICIA without contacting us first to make sure it is the best method for your job.
  • Don’t use 9 x 12 envelopes unless you have to. If you can fold your pieces down to fit in a 6x9 or #10 envelope, you will save money.
  • Don’t print in the address area. The Post Office must scan the address area. Non-machinable mail will cost you more!
  • Don’t assume anything about the new Postage Rates. Call us with any questions.
  • Don’t pay more postage than you need to - always call us first!