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Co-Sponsorship Guidelines

For Departments

Events are coordinated through the Office of Event & Conference Services.  Event Services strives to provide services and facilities to the Drexel University community.  However events may be initiated either from a Drexel University Academic or Service Department or from an external source.

I. User Definitions

A. University Academic Activities:

University Academic Activities are activities or events directly related to the instructional mission of the University.  Examples include: credit-bearing classes, programmatic activities relating to academic course work and faculty/administrative departmental meetings.

B. University-Sponsored Events:

University-Sponsored Events are activities organized and run by faculty, staff, and offices/departments that are planned primarily for members of the Drexel University community and/or the benefit of the University.  Examples include: athletics events, recreational activities, student programming activities, faculty and staff development, commencement, convocation, open houses, recruitment events, guest lecturer.  Attendees of these types of events include members of the community, faculty, staff, students, guests and alumni.

C. University Co-Sponsored Events:

University Co-Sponsored Events are academic programs, conferences, retreats and/or meetings involving two entities: a University entity (academic department or administrative unit or recognized student organization) and an outside organization (such as a professional association in which the University holds membership or maintains a relationship that directly benefits the University community or community-based organization.) 

University Co-Sponsored events will involve a contractual arrangement with the University.  The partnering outside organization will be required to sign a facility usage agreement outlining the terms for use of university venues and provide proof of liability insurance as outlined in the terms of the facility usage agreement.

The following criteria must be met in order for an event to be considered a Partnership/Co-Sponsored event:

  • The appropriate University officer with the financial authority must contact the Event & Conference Services Office (email is acceptable).
  • A member of The University’s academic or administrative unit must be designated as the “University Host.” This individual must be designated a minimum of 10 working days in advance of the activity, and is responsible for:
    • Assistance in planning the program and preparing a budget that details expenses and revenue;
    • Contacting the Event & Conference Services Office to confirm venue availability; 
    • Attending the event in its entirety to ensure that it is conducted in accordance with University policies and safe/proper use of facilities.

E. Non-University/External Events:

External Events are defined as programs and activities organized by individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations not included in the organizational structure of the University.  Examples include: weddings, receptions, charity events, corporate meetings and events, youth camps, conferences, social activities, expositions, etc.

External Events require a contractual arrangement, along with proper proof of insurance, with the University.

II. Event Checklist

The checklist below should be used a guide for determining if your event is University Sponsored, Co-Sponsored or External. 

(T or F)     This event would not take place elsewhere if it were not for Drexel University and the host employee and/or department.

(T or F)     This event is planned and promoted (from concept to execution), exclusively by a university employee and/or department.

(T or F)     This event is paid for by a university department.

(T or F)     This event supports the University’s mission and objectives.

(T or F)    The majority of attendees are of the Drexel University community (faculty, staff, and students).

(T or F)     There is no registration or other fee associated with participating in this event.

A University Sponsored event is one where all of the above statements are true.

In cases where an event is initiated externally and furthers the specific academic or institutional aims of an academic or service department, the department may act as Co Sponsor of the conference or event. There are established guidelines for departments to follow so that co-sponsorship may be recognized. The University embraces co-sponsorship because of the valued contribution the event makes to the academic and institutional aims of Drexel University as well as the community at large. Co-sponsored events receive a discounted rental fee off meeting space and departmental service pricing. 

In order to be eligible for co-sponsored rates a department shall agree to, affirm, and abide by the following guidelines:

  • The academic or institutional aims are in accordance with and furthered by the activity planned by the non-University primary sponsor.
  • The department must assist in the planning, implementation, and follow up of the event through the use of departmental personnel or resources.
  • A member of the department must be on-site for the event.
  • The department agrees to provide their account number for the charges associated with the event, and will work with the external entity to receive any payment reimbursements.

PLEASE NOTE:  Both events classified as External or Co-sponsored MUST complete a Facilities Usage Agreement establishing the terms of the partnership with the university and the external entity  and provide the appropriate insurance requirements, mandated by Drexel University’s Office of General Counsel and Risk Management.

Registered Student Groups and University Departments may not reserve space for other organizations to provide access to University property or for the purpose of lower rates. The organization or department who holds the reservation must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing, and financing the event.

III. Event Planning Guide

Please use the following timeline as a guide for University-Sponsored or University Co-Sponsored Events.

Suggested Time Frame

Action Item

1-6 months prior to event

Check space availability and make a reservation online using the
Campus Reservation System:

1-6 months prior to event

Review Rates for Set up, Break down, furniture rental, custodial,

3 months prior to event

Place catering order with Chestnut Street Caterers by emailing  Be sure to reference your reservation number,
which is on the confirmation that you receive from the
Event & Conference Services Office.

3 months prior to event

Book any Audio Visual Support needed by filling out the
Audio Visual Request Form located online:

3 months prior to event

If you plan to have alcohol at your event, fill out the
Departmental Application for Alcohol/Release Form
located online:

IV. Summer Conference Housing

The Office of Event & Conference Services also provides summer-term conference housing and meeting space rentals, including sleeping accommodations for up to 2,000 people. 

Traditional and apartment-style rooms are available to groups seeking short and long term housing during the summer term.  Each room has a self-regulating air conditioning unit. All of our halls include kitchens, laundry rooms, vending areas, and Front Desk Security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The comfortable lounges are perfect for informal gatherings and indoor recreation areas provide entertainment such as table tennis, pool table, and television.  The 2016 Conference Season runs from June 20, 2016 to September 2, 2016.

Housing Accommodation Overview

Traditional                                                           Apartment-style/Suites


Two extra-long twin beds, two bureaus, two desks and two closets/wardrobes, one lighting source

Two or three bedrooms. Each bedroom has two extra-long twin beds, two bureaus, two desks and two closets/wardrobes, one lighting source

Community kitchen and bathroom facilities on each floor

Includes a private living room, full bathroom and kitchenette (full sized refrigerator, freezer, sink, cabinets).  Full kitchens are located on each floor.

Laundry facilities, lounges, and multipurpose rooms.

Lounges, recreation room and large common area for each building

Traditional buildings are:
Kelly, Millennium, Myers and Towers Halls

Suite buildings are:
Caneris, North and Van Rensselaer Halls and Race Street Residences

Other Residential Hall Features:

  • Individuals who prefer privacy may book any of the above rooms as single-occupancy for a slightly higher charge.
  • Special accommodations can be made for guests with disabilities.

  • Linen service includes 2 towels, washcloth, sheets, pillow and blanket and is available for a small fee.

  • Each conference building is staffed 24 hours a day.

  • Linen Packets are available for an additional $15/week per person and include: 1 pillow, 1 pillowcase, 2 flat sheets, 1 summer weight blanket, 2 bath towels and 1 washcloth

The summer conference reservations and request process is handled differently for Drexel University Sponsored and Non-University/External.    To book summer conference housing and space

  • Drexel University Sponsored Groups are asked to sign the Departmental Housing Request Form, which is located online at:   This form outlines all aspects of the summer conference request, from housing, linen, check in and check out, etc.
  • Non-University/External groups are required to contact the Office of Conference Services to discuss their summer conference request.   All external users are required to sign a contract with the University and provide proof of insurance as well.