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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose my DragonCard?

Immediately report the lost or stolen card to the DragonCard Office by calling 215.895.6095 or via the GET Portal. Temporary cards or replacement cards are available.

What if I just forgot my DragonCard at home? Do I need to buy a new one?

I changed my name. Do I need to buy a new DragonCard?

If you wish to have your DragonCard reflect your new name, a replacement fee will apply to have your DragonCard reissued. Students should visit Drexel Central and faculty/professional staff should visit Human Resources prior to requesting a new DragonCard.

My DragonCard photo is faded, but there is no visible damage to the card. Do I need to pay the replacement fee?

As long as there is no damage to the card, a faded card will be replaced at no cost.  Faded cards that have any form of damage will be assessed the replacement fee.

Do I need to get a new DragonCard each year?

No, but if you are a student you do need to have your DragonCard validated each calendar year. To receive a validation sticker, students must be registered for the current term.  Faculty and staff do not need to obtain yearly validation stickers.

My DragonCard does not work for access to a building, what do I do?

If the DragonCard beeps at the proximity readers, but does not open the doors, you have a working card but have not been granted access to that particular building or service. Please visit the appropriate department or facility manager responsible for granting access permissions for that particular building or contact the Department of Public Safety for assistance. If your DragonCard does not beep, you have a non-working card and should visit a DragonCard Office for assistance.

Can I punch a hole in my DragonCard?

No. Punching a hole in the DragonCard will (either immediately or over time) destroy the proximity chip inside the card rendering it useless. A replacement fee will apply.

I lost my current DragonCard, but found an old one, what do I do?

Bring the old one to the DragonCard Office to be reactivated.  This will also deactivate the one which is now lost.  If you find the lost DragonCard, bring it in to the DragonCard Office to be kept on file in the event you lose the active one.  This will also ensure you will not have to pay a fee to replace it.

How can I use my DragonCard to eat in the Dining Center?

If you have signed up for a dining plan, your DragonCard is swiped by the cashier to allow access into the Handschumacher Dining Center and to use the dining dollars associated with your dining plan at the on-campus retail dining locations. You must present your physical DragonCard to access the meal plan. Cashiers are not authorized to allow access without it. For more information click here for Drexel Dining Services.

Will I need another card if I activate Dragon Dollars?

No, the DragonCard is your all-in-one card. The Dragon Dollars account is simply accessed using the magnetic stripe on the DragonCard.

Can my Dragon Dollars only be used at the on-campus dining locations?

No. In addition to the on-campus dining locations, the bookstore and many off campus restaurants and retailers accept your DragonCard as a method of payment. For a complete list of merchants click here.

What happens when I make a purchase at an on-campus dining location and have both Dragon Dollars and Dining Dollars?

The on-campus dining locations will not deduct a purchase from your Dragon Dollars until your Dining Dollars have been depleted. Please keep in mind that the balance you receive after making a purchase at one of these locations is a combination of BOTH account balances.

If I put Dragon Dollars on my DragonCard, what happens at the end of the Academic year (end of Spring Term)?

Dragon Dollars retain their value as long as you are an active member of the Drexel community, so your funds will never be forfeited. If you leave the University, your balance can be fully refunded upon request.