Architectural Engineering

Bachelor of Science Degree

AE Students - MOD Chiller PlantThe architectural engineering (AE) major prepares graduates for professional work in the analysis, design, construction, and operation of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.


Degree Requirements


Students are assigned an Undergraduate Advising Center advisor prior to the freshmen year. This advisor works with the student through the freshman and sophomore years. The Undergraduate Advising Center website lists the undergraduate advising staff.

Mr. Ken Holmes is the contact for students in their pre-junior, junior and senior year. Mr. Holmes will help identify the appropriate faculty advisor for students.

Mr. Ken Holmes
Curtis Hall, Room 251
Academic Coordinator, Student Services

Inquiries can also be directed to Professor James Mitchell, the Program Director of the Architectural Engineering program.


During the junior year, AE students choose between three concentrations - Mechanical (HVAC), Structural, or Digital Building (coming in Fall term 2014-15)


Mechanical Concentration (HVAC)

Students who choose the Mechanical concentration (HVAC) prepare for careers dealing with the building environment. As co-ops and graduates, they will be involved in the many design aspects of building environmental control, including:

  • Building Load Definitions
  • Equipment Selection and Design
  • Distribution System Design
  • Control Systems Design
  • Energy Analysis and System Optimization
  • Building Operation for Safety, Economy and Maximum Performance

Structural Concentration

Students who choose the structural concentration prepare for careers dealing with the building structure. As co-ops and graduates, they will be involved in the design of the many aspects of building structure including:

  • Building Load Definitions
  • Structural System Design
  • Foundation System Design


The requirements for a minor are set by the department offering it. To determine the most current information you need to consult that department.

The most common minors for AE's are:

There is also an option for students in other programs to minor in Architectural Engineering

Accelerated and Dual Degree Programs


Fellowship Opportunities