Environmental Science Interdepartmental Faculty

The Environmental Sciences at the Department of Biology draws support from research strong core faculty and interdepartmental faculty. While students can only complete their research with a core faculty member, interdepartmental faculty can be committee members to the student as well as serve as potential research collaborators. The opportunity here allows Environmental Science Ph.D. students to spread their wings well beyond the Department of Biology.

Environmental Science Interdepartmental Faculty Members

Dr. Stacey Ake

Assistant Professor English & Philosophy MacAlister 5038 Phone: 215.895.1961 Email:
Background Ph. D., Philosophy (Continental, Semiotics), Penn State University (1999) Ph. D., Biology (Genetics, Ecology, Anthropology), Penn State University (1994) MA, Philosophy (Semiotics), Penn State University (1994) BA, Biology (History, Spanish, Ecology) Houghton College (1985)
Research Interests Dr. Ake's areas of research in philosophy are semiotics (Peirce, Percy), existentialism (Kierkegaard), existential ethics (Bonhoeffer), and theology (Chesterton, Derrida, MacDonald, Zizek). Her interests in biology include population genetics, evolutionary theory, and the co-evolution of bacterial pathogenicity and human immune response. Her interstitial interests include biosemiotics (Deacon, Emmeche, Hoffmeyer, Seboek, von Uexkull), the creation of a lived or existential philosophy of mind as found at the intersection of neuroscience and psychology (Damasio, Edelman, Ramachandran, Sacks), and the elucidation of a realetik vis-a-vis the biological and metabiological natures of human reality. She has been teaching since 1981.

Dr. Patricia Awerbuch

Adjunct Professor Department of Culture and Communications Phone: 215.895.2111 Email:

Dr. Robert Brulle

Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Science, Department of Culture and Communications Phone: 215.895.2294 Email:
Background Ph.D. - Sociology, George Washington University (1995) M.S. - Environmental Science, University of Michigan (1983) M.A. - Sociology, New School (1982) B.S. - Marine Engineering , U.S. Coast Guard Academy (1974) Prior to coming to Drexel, Dr. Brulle served for 20 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Dr. Geraldine Cox

Adjunct Associate Professor Department of Bioecience & Biotechnology Phone: 703.892.9535 Email:
Background Dr. Cox Environmental Scientist who has worked on all major environmental issues. She graduated from the Drexel Environmental Program and did field work and management of environmental studies at Raytheon. Since then, she has served as a White House Fellow and Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor. Following her government work, she served with the Environmental Health Committee of the American Petroleum Institute, as Vice President-Technical of the Chemical Manufacturers Association, Vice President of Fluor Corporation and Chairman of AMPOTECH. She served as a technical consultant to EUROTECH working on Green Chemistry products. Most recently she is a Disaster Assistance Employee with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and served as the agency Environmental Justice lead in the Metropolitan New Orleans Area during Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts.

Dr. Richardson Dilworth

Assistant Professor Department of History and Politics Phone: 215.895.2741 Email:

Ph.D. - Political science, Johns Hopkins University (2001) B.S. - Economics, New York University (1993)

Besides Drexel, he has taught at Wagner College, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Temple University, and the University of Tirana in Albania. Richardson Dilworth is the author of The Urban Origins of Suburban Autonomy (Harvard University Press, 2005) and editor of Social Capital in the City: Community and Civic Life in Philadelphia (Temple University Press, 2006).

Research Interests American political development, urban politics, water politics and policy, urban infrastructure.

Dr. Diane Judith Downs

Adjunct Professor Department of English and Philosophy Phone: 215.895.6905 Email:
Background Ph.D., American Studies - George Washington University M.A., English - University of Michigan
Research Interests Environmental Literature, Rural Culture in Nineteenth Century Ohio , American Autobiography of Childhood.

Dr. Arthur Frank

Professor and Chair Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Dornsife School of Public Health Phone: 215.762.3930 Email:

M.D. - Mount Sinai School of Medicine Ph.D. - Biomedical sciences, City University of New York.

He was trained in both internal medicine and occupational medicine and holds board certification in both fields. As a commissioned officer in the Public Health Service, he conducted research at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Frank has spent more than three decades studying the health effects of workplace and environmental exposures, including the effects of dusts, organic chemicals, heavy metals and allergens. He has served as a consultant to international, Federal, state, and local governmental entities regarding exposure issues in communities, and has made assessments of health risks.

Research Interests Major research activities have included the study of occupational lung diseases such as asbestosis and silicosis, occupational cancers, especially those related to asbestos exposure, and has worked in the area of agricultural safety and health.

Dr. Charles N. Haas

L.D. Betz Professor of Environmental Engineering Interim Department Head Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Phone: 215.895.2283 Email:
Background Ph.D. - Environmental Engineering, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign M.S. - Environmental Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology B.S. - Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology
Research Interests Environmental engineering, water treatment, disinfection processes, human exposure to pathogens and assessment of risk, bioterrorism, indoor air contamination, hazardous waste treatment, wastewater treatment.
Dr. Paul Hirshorn
Professor and Department Chair Architecture Department Phone: 215.895.2409 Email:

Dr. Fred House

Professor of Atmospheric Science Department of Physics Phone: 215.895.2725 Email:
Dr. Christian Hunold
Associate Professor Department of History and Politics Phone: 215.895.6089 Email:
Background Ph.D. - Political Science, University of Pittsburgh (1998). Specialization in comparative politics and political theory.
Research Interests Environmental political theory, European politics, comparative politics. My research addresses, in one way or another, questions concerning the democratization of state and society. Civil society organizations and social movements figure prominently as agents of democratization in my work, though I also explore ways of institutionalizing innovative methods of democratic discussion and decision-making within public bureaucracies.

Prof. Walter Moleski

Assistant Head Department of Architecture Phone: 215.895.6090 Email:
Background Studied Environmental Psychology at CUNY; Directed ERG/Environmental Research Group, a private consulting firm, for 30 years. The firm specialized in relationship among people, behavior, and the built environment. Projects included improving public housing, decreasing homicides in maximum security prison, community planning, and campus planning
Research Interests The relationship between people and the built environment.

Dr. Richard Rosen

Professor Department of History and Politics Phone: 215.895.2465 Email:

Dr. Diane Sicotte

Assistant Professor Department of Culture and Communication Phone: 215.895.2264 Email:
Background Ph.D. - Sociology, Arizona State University (2003) M.A. - Sociology, Arizona State University B.S. - Sociology, Portland State University IGERT student (interdisciplinary research training). Interdisciplinary research at Center for Environmental Studies, Tempe, Arizona.
Research Interests Qualitative and quantitative research on environmental justice, contaminated communities, environmental lawsuits [delete, and replace with: environmental and social inequality, environmental health, health disparities, political ecology.

Dr. Lisa Ulmer


Professor & Chair Department of Community Health and Prevention Director, Dr.P.H. Program Dornsife School of Public Health Phone: 215.762.7034 Email:
Background Dr. Ulmer has a BA in Natural Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University , an MSW in Family Mental Health from Catholic University, and a ScD in Psychiatric Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. Dr. Ulmer has extensive experience designing and directing epidemiologic and prevention research, designing and administering population-based and facility-based surveys, designing and administering direct observation methods (with time-sampling, area sampling, and digital photography and videography), manipulating multi-method/multi-wave data sets, conducting multivariate analyses, and disseminating research results and policy recommendations to the scientific community, policymakers, and community groups.
Research Interests Drug Prevention In High-Risk Youth, Drug Treatment In High-Risk Adults, Prevention Research Methods, Cost Effectiveness Analysis & Cost Benefit Analysis, Advocacy- Restricting Youth Access To Tobacco and Alcohol.

Dr. Franco Montalto

Phone: 215.895.1385 Email: