Michael O'Connor, PhD, MD

Associate Professor

Michael O'Connor

Office: PISB 318
Phone: 215.895.2637
Lab (Dry): PISB 503
Lab Phone: 215.895.6906
Lab (Wet): PISB 501 N1
Lab Phone: 215.895.6890

Specialization: Physiological and biophysical ecology


  • BA, LaSalle College, 1977
  • PhD, Colorado State University, 1989 - Advisor: C.R. Tracy
  • Post-doc, Drexel University, 1988-1990 - Advisor: J.R. Spotila
  • MD, Johns Hopkins University, 1981
  • Residency, Internal Medicine, Vanderbilt University, 1981-1984

Research Interests

  • Thermal, hydric, & energetic effects on the activity and distribution of reptiles and amphibians
  • Physical constraints on heat and mass exchange by reptiles and amphbians
  • Physiological and physical constraints on gas exchange in sea turtle nests - effects on metabolism and development



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  • O'Connor, M.P., A.E. Sieg, and A.E. Dunham. 2006. Linking physiological effects on activity and resource use to population level phenomena. Integrative and Comparative Biology 46:1093–1109.
  • O'Connor. M.P. 1999. Physiological and ecological implications of a simple model of heating and cooling in reptiles. Journal of Thermal Biology 24:113-136.
  • O'Connor, M.P. and C.R. Tracy. 1992. Thermoregulation by juvenile woodhouse toads (Bufo woodhousei) in the laboratory and the field. Copeia 1992:865-876.
  • Paladino, F.V., M.P. O'Connor, and J.R. Spotila. 1990. Metabolism and heat exchange in the leatherback sea turtle: A warm turtle in a cool ocean. Nature 344:858-860.