Eric Morschhauser

Assistant Teaching Professor

Eric Morschhauser

Office: PISB 221C
Phone: 215.895.4216

Specialization: Paleobiology, systematics, biomechanics

Research Interests

  • Systematics, paleobiology, and taphonomy of Mesozoic archosaurs, including the horned dinosaurs of North America and Western China
  • Biomechanics of terrestrial locomotion
  • Applications of high resolution CT scanning
  • Use of LIDAR and photogrammetry in quarry documentation



  • Gao, C., E.M. Morschhauser*, D.J. Varricchio, Liu J., and Zhao B. 2012. Report of a second soundly sleeping dragon, new anatomical details of the Chinese troodontid Mei long. PLoS ONE 7(9): e45203. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045203.
  • You, H-L., E. Morschhauser, P. Dodson, and D-Q. Li. 2012. Auroraceratops sp. (Dinosauria: Neoceratopsia) from the Early Cretaceous of the Mazongshan Area in Northwestern China. Vertebrata Palasiatica 50:170-180.
  • Morschhauser, E.M., D.J. Varricchio, Gao C., Liu J., Wang X. and Meng Q. 2009. Anatomy of the Early Cretaceous bird Rapaxavis pani, a new species from Liaoning Province, China. J. Vertebr. Paleont. 29(2):545-554.