Drexel Biology at Burlington County College

Students enrolled in Burlington County College's Associate of Science program in Biology, and students who have completed similar coursework elsewhere, may be eligible for the Drexel at Burlington County College program in Biological Science. Students typically transfer into the program after roughly 2 years of college-level coursework in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. They then complete their junior and senior years in the Drexel at BCC program, graduating with a BS in Biological Science from Drexel University. Courses are taught on the BCC campus in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Both full-time and part-time options are available.

The Curriculum

The Drexel at BCC program in Biological Science provides a strong foundation in a range of scientific fields, preparing students for careers in the private sector, government, and research laboratories, as well as for advanced graduate study in research, medicine, and other health-related specialties. Students work alongside Drexel’s dedicated teaching faculty, taking courses in cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics, with a focus in organismal physiology. The program also allows for one six-month period of full-time employment through Drexel’s cooperative education program, thus allowing students to gain valuable, resume-enhancing experience in the field.

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