Saturday Scholars Program

If you have earned your associate's degree or have other college experience, and wish to attend school on a part-time basis, you will appreciate the innovative Saturday Scholars Program. You can balance the challenges of education, work, and family life by completing your Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Health Counseling entirely on Saturdays. 

A part-time accelerated program with full-time benefits. 

In this part-time program, you complete two courses every six weeks, allowing you to earn your degree at a rate comparable to full-time students. Since classes are offered only on Saturdays, this version of the Behavioral Health Counseling program is especially well suited for the non-traditional student and for those who work during the week.

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Are you looking for a program you can complete part-time? Then the Saturday Scholars Program may be for you.

The number of credits required to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Health Counseling is 180 quarter-credits. For Saturday Scholars, this generally includes 90 credits distributed in general education areas, plus 90 credits of Behavioral Health Counseling coursework.

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