James Spotila, PhD

L. Drew Betz Chair Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science

James R. Spotila , Ph.D.

Office: PISB 324
Phone: 215.895.2627
Lab: PISB 301 D1
Lab Phone: 215.895.1987

Costa Rica Field Station
Barnagat Bay, NJ Field Station
Archelon (The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece)

Specialization: Physiological ecology, Biophysical Ecology and Conservation Biology


  • BS, Biology, University of Dayton, Ohio
  • PhD, Vertebrate Zoology and Physiological Ecology, University of Arkansas

Research Interests

Biology of sea turtles, crocodiles, salamanders and giant pandas

Selected Publications

  • Hertler, H., A. R. Boettner, G. I. Ramírez-Toro, H. Minnigh, J. Spotila, D. Kreeger. 2009. Spatial variability associated with shifting land use: Water quality and sediment metals in La Parguera, Southwest Puerto Rico. Marine Pollution Bulletin 58: 672–678.
  • Santidrián Tomillo, P., J. S. Suss, B. P. Wallace, K. D. Magrini, G. Blanco, F. V. Paladino and J. R. Spotila. 2009. Influence of emergence success on the annual reproductive output of leatherback turtles. Marine Biology 156: 2021-2031.
  • Sieg, A. E., E. Zandona, V. M. Izzo, F. V. Paladino, and J. R. Spotila. 2010. Population level “flipperedness” in the eastern Pacific leatherback turtle. Behavioural Brain Research 206: 135-138.
  • Shillinger, G. L. A. M. Swithenbank, S. J. Bograd, H. Bailey, M. R. Castelton, B. P.Wallace, J. R. Spotila, F. V. Paladino, R. Piedra, B. A. Block. 2010. Identification of high-use internesting habitats for eastern Pacific leatherback turtles: role of the environment and implications for conservation. Endangered Species Research. 10:215-2432 doi: 10.3354/esr00251