Barbara Rinkel, PhD

Research Scientist, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Barbara Rinkel

Office: Patrick Center, Academy of Natural Sciences
Phone: 215.299.3789


  • BS, Environmental Science, Bath Spa University College, UK, 2003
  • PhD, Biological Science, University of Bristol, UK, 2007

Research Interests

In addition to with working on projects investigating water quality or river, steams and wetlands of the US, Dr Rinkel’s current research involves investigation into the use of soft bodied algae as water quality indicator species. Other interests include the freshwater soft-bodied algal flora of the US and, within the marine environment, the algal flora as a whole with particular interest in the phylogentics and taxonomy of the green algae in particular the microscope epiphytic and endophytic species.


Barbara Rinkel received her PhD from the University of Bristol, UK in 2007.  During her studies she was a contributing author to The Green Seaweeds Of The British Isles (eds. Brodie, J. Maggs, C. & John, D.M.) and also won the Manton Prize for best student presentation at the British Phycological Society meeting in 2006.  Rinkel joined the Academy of Natural Sciences in the Phycology section of the Patrick Center after completing her studies.  Since starting at the Academy she has worked on a number of contracts investigating water quality using soft-bodied algae assemblages.  These include the recently completed National Rivers and Streams Assessment (NRSA), involving over 2000 water samples, and the current National Wetlands Conditions Assessment (NWCA) for the EPA as both project manager and primary soft-bodied algae taxonomist. Rinkel’s research interests are in morphological identification, ecology, phylogenetics and taxonomy of soft-bodied fresh water algae and marine seaweeds, in particular green endophytic species.

Selected Publications