Tentative Schedules

Students and professor examining a specimen

Tentative Schedule for Barnegat Bay Field Station

Day 1

  • Students arrive at Barnegat, check into dorms and store personal belongings.

Day 2

  • Morning orientation and safety lecture
  • Team-building canoe trip on a blackwater river. The group will travel with plant and animal ecologists to explore the habitats in the unique Pine Barrens of New Jersey.
  • Nighttime bug collection

Day 3 (Alternating Team Groups)

  • Morning orientation and lecture
  • Plant and animal identification in the Pine Barrens
  • Freshwater and tidal marsh exploration and walkabout
  • Hands-on Lesson: "Diatoms are Dynamic"
  • Lecture: "Collections Made Perfect"
Student with net in the ocean

Day 4 (Group Trip)

  • Morning lecture
  • To the beach! Students will work a little and relax a lot. Activities include: beach profiling in the wake of Hurricane Sandy; an examination of currents, waves, dunes and shells; and some relaxing, swimming and surfing.

Day 5 (Alternating Team Groups)

  • Morning lecture
  • Fish seining along the shoreline of Barnegat Bay
  • Sampling the marine environment on a research vessel
  • Laboratory analysis

Day 5 (Group Trip)

  • Morning lecture
  • Paleontological dig at Inversand Mine in Mantua, New Jersey
  • Fossil preparation

Day 6

  • Bug collection and preservation
  • Clean up and lunch for students, parents, faculty and staff

Tentative Schedule for Lacawac Sanctuary & Field Station (Draft)

The Laboratory at Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station

Day 1

  • PM Arrival
  • Student Check In , Lacawac Facility Tour
  • Introduction to DESLA and BEES
  • General Ecology of the Poconos
  • Evening Program - Overview of Lacawac – History and Ecology Mock Town Meeting/ Student Activities

Day 2

  • AM – Forest Ecology – Community Composition and Diversity; Tree Assessment
  • PM – Lake Ecology – Canoe Trip; Sampling Aquatic Habitats; Water Chemistry Study
  • Evening Program – Amphibians of NE Pennsylvania, Frog and Toad Study

Day 3

  • AM – Birds of the Northeast – Ecology and Climate Change Impact
  • PM – Wetland Ecology – Bogs and Swamps
  • Evening Program – Owls and other Nocturnal Fauna; Insect Study

Day 4

  • AM – Reading the Landscape – USGS Topo Maps, GPS and Navigating in the Field
  • PM – Stream Study – Macro-invertebrates, Indicator Species and Biotic Index
  • Evening Program – Night Hike and Contra Dance

Day 5

  • AM – Geology of the Northeast
  • PM Departure