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Ron Smith Ron Smith
Instructor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science Director, DESLA Summer Program

Research Interests: Shorebird Ecology and Conservation; Amphibians of the NJ Pine Barrens; Restoration Ecology; Climate Change – Regional Effects and Education
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Walter F. Bien, Ph.D. Walter F. Bien, PhD
Research Professor; Director, Laboratory of Pinelands Research

Research Interests: Community ecology (New Jersey Pine Barrens); fire ecology; natural resource management; restoration ecology; conservation biology with special interest in rare plants and the spatial ecology of the Northern pine snake
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Daniel Duran Daniel Duran
Assistant Teaching Professor

Research Interests: Phylogeography, speciation, molecular ecology, and conservation genetics of insects
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Jon Gelhaus, Ph.D. Jon Gelhaus, PhD
Professor; Curator

Research Interests: Biodiversity, evolution and ecology of freshwater insects, particularly Diptera, in New World and Mongolia; Biodiversity of insects in New Jersey Pine Barrens
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Richard Horowitz Richard Horwitz, PhD
Professor; Senior Scientist, Fisheries Section Leader, Ruth Patrick Chair of Environmental Sciences

Research Interests: Ecology of freshwater and estuarine fishes; watershed planning, management, and restoration; conservation of rare species; invasive species; phylogeography of freshwater fishes
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Kenneth Lacovara , Ph.D. Kenneth Lacovara, PhD
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Mesozoic paleoecosystems; Titanosaurian sauropod dinosaurs; preservation and analysis of ancient biomolecules; coastal processes and the evolution of coasts with sea-level change; 3D modeling and biomechanics of ancient archosaurus.
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Tatyana Livshultz Tatyana Livshultz, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Botany; phylogenetic reconstruction; pollination biology; morphological and functional evolution of flowers; climate niche evolution; biogeography; biodiversity
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Jerry Mead Jerry V. Mead, PhD
Assistant Research Professor; Assistant Scientist and Section leader, Watershed and Systems Ecology Section

Research Interests: Development, disruption, dynamics of ecosystems, biophysical economics; stream ecology; watershed science; bioenergetics; stream morphology; spatial analyses
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David Velinsky David Velinksy, PhD
Department Head

Research Interests: Fate and transport of chemical contaminants, Stable isotope and nutrient biogeochemistry; sediment geochemistry and deposition, water quality
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Frank Acker
Radiation Safety
Paul Callomon
Invertebrate Biology & Malacology
Ned Gilmore
Collections Manager
David Keller
Fisheries Scientist, Field Manager
Paul Overbeck
Fields Safety
Barbara Rinkel, PhD
Roger Thomas
Operations Manager, Lab Safety