Electrical Engineering

New developments in science and engineering have placed us in the center of a revolution in technology and education. Drexel at BCC's major in Electrical Engineering emphasizes computer-aided design and hands-on laboratory experience to prepare you to meet the technical challenges of the global economy.

Our interdisciplinary program, offered through Drexel University's College of Engineering, provides a broad foundation in electronics and electrical systems, electromagnetic radiation and microwaves, electric power generation and distribution, signal processing, computer hardware and software, and communications, giving you the knowledge you'll need to work closely with experts in a wide variety of fields.

The program can be completed in three years of full-time study. Part-time options are available.

Drexel Co-op Opportunities

Electrical Engineering majors participate in one six-month period of full-time employment through Drexel's renowned co-operative education program. Visit our Co-op Opportunities webpage for more information.

Sample Courses

Digital Systems Projects – Offers hands-on experience in digital system design with automation tools. Uses field-programmable gate arrays in the project.

Systems Programing – Introduces computer systems, including the interaction of hardware and software through the operating system, from the programmer's perspective.

Introduction to Modulation and Coding – Covers signal sampling and reconstruction, modulation, angle modulation, digital communications, digital transmission.

Visit Drexel University's online catalog for more information.

Prerequisite Coursework

Students enrolled in Burlington County College's Associate of Science program in Engineering and students who have completed similar coursework elsewhere may be eligible for this program. View the required courses for the Associate of Applied Science in the Burlington County College Catalog.

Plan of Study for BCC Students

We've developed a comprehensive plan of study for BCC students who enter the Drexel at BCC Electrical Engineering program. This plan outlines the required courses students must complete to receive a bachelor's degree from Drexel. It also indicates how the BCC semester credits convert to Drexel quarter credits.