Computing and Security Technology

Computing technologists perform multiple IT tasks and access various information resources. They are at the center of the digital revolution. Drexel at BCC's major in Computing and Security Technology emphasizes hands-on education and supplements fundamental concepts with actual industry experience. Our program will provide you with the set of applied skills you'll need as part of an information systems team.

The program can be completed in two years of full-time study. Part-time options are available.


  • Computing Technology – For students who are interested in becoming webmasters, network and system administrators, multimedia developers, or database specialists, the Computing Technology concentration gives an in-depth overview of current and upcoming computing technologies, with an emphasis in practical experience.
  • Computing Security – For students who are interested in the more specialized field of computing security, this concentration provides practical and theoretical computer information security skills. Upon completion of the program, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to implement security policies, understand and identify security threats and vulnerabilities, develop countermeasures, and manage the deployment of security solutions.

Drexel Co-op Opportunities

Computing and Security Technology majors participate in one six-month period of full-time employment through Drexel's renowned co-operative education program. Visit our Co-op Opportunities webpage for more information.

Sample Courses

Security Technology Models and Architecture I – Presents theory and techniques utilized by IT security professionals to secure a wide range of diversified platforms. Focuses on solutions for securing Web servers, code, communications, applications, and databases.

Network Auditing Tools – Theory, methodology, and hands-on labs relating to network auditing. The course relies on advanced multi-functional network auditing tools to uncover network security problems, with the purpose of eliminating these vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning – Techniques for development of disaster recovery plans, procedures, and testing methods. Emphasizes strategies used by businesses to assure that sensitive data will not be lost in the event of a disaster, and techniques used to manage potential risk within multiple environments.

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Prerequisite Coursework

Students enrolled in Burlington County College's Associate of Science program in Computer Information Systems and students who have completed similar coursework elsewhere may be eligible for this program. View the required courses for the Associate of Applied Science in the Burlington County College Catalog.

Plan of Study for BCC Students

We've developed a comprehensive plan of study for BCC students who enter the Drexel at BCC Computing and Security Technology program. This plan outlines the required courses students must complete to receive a bachelor's degree from Drexel. It also indicates how the BCC semester credits convert to Drexel quarter credits.