Computer Science

Computer scientists design and build software systems, invent ways to use computing devices, ensure the security of networks, and explore the limits of what computers can do. As the amount of digitally stored information continues to grow at astounding rates, computer scientists are needed more than ever to help process, interpret, correlate, and represent such sources as audio and video recordings, DNA codes, physical measurements, and representations of human artifacts.

Drexel at BCC's Computer Science major teaches the underlying principles of computer science, how to apply them to a variety of problem domains, and how to keep current in an ever-changing technological world. Through our program, offered by Drexel University's College of Engineering, you'll acquire a thorough understanding of algorithms, computer systems, and the software development process; and you'll develop strong analytical and communication skills. Working in teams, you'll learn to appreciate the dynamic and collaborative nature of problem solving.

The program can be completed in three years of full-time study. Part-time options are available.

Drexel Co-op Opportunities

Computer Science majors participate in two six-month periods of full-time employment through Drexel's renowned co-operative education program. Visit our Co-op Opportunities webpage for more information.

Sample Courses

Human-Computer Interaction – Applies cognitive and experimental psychology to the understanding of human-computer interaction.

Computer Game Design – Students develop an understanding of and appreciation for the psychology of play and the fundamentals of game design through lectures, readings, and class activities. In addition, students work in a team to complete a game design project.

System Administration – Fundamentals of system administration featuring hands-on practice with an industry-standard operating system. Focus on installation, maintenance, and management of several systems for multi-user environments.

Visit Drexel University's online catalog for more information.

Prerequisite Coursework

Students enrolled in Burlington County College's Associate of Science program in Computer Science and students who have completed similar coursework elsewhere may be eligible for this program. View the required courses for the Associate of Science in the Burlington County College Catalog.

Plan of Study for BCC Students

We've developed a comprehensive plan of study for BCC students who enter the Drexel at BCC Computer Science program. This plan outlines the required courses students must complete to receive a bachelor's degree from Drexel. It also indicates how the BCC semester credits convert to Drexel quarter credits.