Co-op Opportunities

Classroom learning, research, projects, papers, and exams are all critical to academic pursuit, but real-world experience can set you apart from other new graduates. Drexel Co-op balances classroom theory with practical experience.

Drexel Co-op is based on paid employment in practical, major-related positions consistent with your interests and abilities. The benefits are obvious:

  • Students can choose from over 1,200 co-op employers in 35 states and 35 international locations, or conduct an independent search.
  • The average six-month co-op salary is more than $16,000.
  • Students obtain positions with major corporations like GlaxoSmithKline, Unisys Corporation, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Comcast, and QVC, Inc.
  • Graduates with co-op experience typically receive significantly higher starting salaries.

Drexel Co-op Opportunities

Drexel at BCC offers co-op opportunities in the following majors:

Major Full-Time Program Length Drexel Co-op
Engineering Technology Two years One Co-op
Biological Sciences  Two years One Co-op
Computer Engineering Three years One Co-op
Computer Science Three years Two Co-op
Computing and Security Technology Two years One Co-op
Culinary Arts Two years One Co-op
Electrical Engineering Three years One Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Three years One Co-op

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