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Judging Criteria

These are the questions to which judges respond when giving feedback and ranking a team’s business. All questions are weighted equally. 



Customer  Identification

1. Clearly identified a specific customer type/persona (easy to understand who is the customer)

2. Specific customer segment type(s) identified (e.g. niche, mass market, platform)



Problem / Solution Identification

3. Identified a real market need based on actual (not hypothetical) customer needs

4. Problem identified is currently a difficult one for the customer to solve with current solutions

5. The proposed solution matches well to the defined problem



Unique Value Proposition

6. Value proposition is stated clearly and effectively

7. Value proposition seems unique and reflects something not already on the market

8. Value proposition statement matches to the customer, problem and solution



Channel to Market

9. Clearly identified a preferred channel type (e.g. direct, indirect)

10. Have indicated a viable go-to-market channel strategy



Revenue Streams

11. Revenue model(s) identified (e.g. usage fee, licensing, asset sale)

12. Pricing strategy reflects value for which customers are willing to pay

13. Indication of customer feedback on revenue model and pricing levels



Unfair Advantages

14. Have identified anything that is uniquely theirs (e.g. key partner, celebrity customer, intellectual property protection received, etc.)



Cost Structure

15. Financials reflect the reality of operating a business including identification of the most critical key resources and key activities

16. Cost of goods sold, gross margin and operating costs have been identified




17. Team reflects a good mix of domain expertise and experience for this venture

18. Indications of prior success from one or more team members




19. Have clearly identified the key assumptions on which their plan depends


20. Have indicated a plan to further de-risk the key assumptions



Quality of Written Submission

21. Document is readable, has proper sentence structure, correct grammar and spelling