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Drexel Students

The Alumni Association provides programs and supports activities that enhance the student experience, promote tradition, support academic excellence, reconnect alumni to the university, and increase the interaction between students and alumni. Drexel students are invited to visit the links below to learn more about the Association's student programs.

Seniors: Click here for information specific to the Class of 2014.

Advice from Alumni
Drexel alumni were asked the question, "What advice would you give an incoming Drexel student?" We've compiled the responses and provided them for current Drexel students.

Alumni Association Scholarship Program
The Alumni Association awards scholarships annually to current Drexel students. The Alumni Legacy, Alumni Leadership and Alumnae Planning Board Scholarships recognize students for their scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership and involvement within the university and the community. Click the link above for more information on the Alumni Association Scholarship Program.

Alumni Grants Program
The Alumni Association has established an Alumni Grants Program, providing financial support to recognized student organizations for programs and events that enhance the student experience and increase the interaction between students and alumni. Student organization leaders are encouraged to click the link above for more information on the Alumni Grants Program.

Legacy Program
If you have a relative who also graduated from Drexel University or is currently enrolled at the University, you are a Drexel legacy. The Alumni Association would like to recognize Legacy Families of alumni who have continued the Drexel tradition – including the traditions of Hahnemann, MCP and Woman's Medical College.

Young Alumni Association
Founded by a group of recent graduates in 1993, the Young Alumni Association serves as a support system for Drexel's young alumni – graduates of the past 10 years – offering networking, social and volunteer opportunities that allow alumni to remain connected to the university. Recent graduates and graduating seniors are invited to click the link above to learn more about the Young Alumni Association and download a copy of the Young Alumni Guide.

Drexel Students

DAC Pack members attend Alumni Reception at Women's Basketball