Sample General Thank You Letter


Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me today for the Human Resource Manager position available at ZGH Company.

I felt a wonderful rapport not only with you, but with the whole HR team and business partners I met during the day. I am more convinced than ever that I will fit in beautifully as a member of the team and contribute my skills and talents for the benefit of the employees.

Specifically, you mentioned the need for a manager with strong benefits experience.  As we discussed during the interview, while at ABC company, I helped redesign the benefits program and managed the annual benefits enrollment campaign.. Not only did I find benefit providers that saved the company and employees money, but I also provided clear and concise communications to employees on their available health and wellness benefits.

I believe my past experiences will add to the success of the HR team at ZGH Company.  I can make myself available for any further discussions of my qualifications that may be needed.

Again, I appreciate you and your staff taking so much time to talk with me about this exciting opportunity.


Anita B. Candidate