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Alumni Ambassadors Program

For most, choosing the right college or university is not an easy decision to make. Whether starting from scratch, or already with a dream school in mind, there will always be things to learn, options to explore and questions to ask, making it seem overwhelming at times.

One thing that can help alleviate the pressure and uncertainty of the admissions process is to add a personal touch. And how better to do that than with the help of our alumni a dynamic group of individuals who know firsthand what its like to be a student at Drexel.

Interaction between a prospective student and our alumni is probably one of the most personal ways that a student can learn about Drexel and all it has to offer. Our alumni are the face of Drexel, and they represent what the student can achieve during and after college.

The Alumni Ambassadors Program is a collaborative effort by the Offices of Alumni Relations and Enrollment Management to bring Drexel alumni a unique opportunity to be involved with and stay connected to Drexel.

Alumni Ambassadors

Current Ambassadors - Click here
Prospective Ambassadors - Click here


Alan Wunsch
Angelo Vacirca
Armand Bucci
Bill Lukens
Gerald Bricker
Caitlin Meehan
Charles Foreman
Christina Watson
Fred Eisen
Fred Smith
George Linker
Steve Lalka
Gregory Ludwig
Heather Jones
James Reese
Stacey Dubowitch
Jeff Lissinicia
Jim Kochenour
Larry Lehmann
John DiLaura
June Dwyer
John McGarrigle
Jonathan Liss
June Dwyer
Kathleen Ludgate
Kathleen Mullarkey
Kevin Moy
Konrad Sosnow
Robert Frick
Lewis Finkel
Marc Blumberg
Marlena Hilday
Marshall Lee
Martin Khait
Mary Kate Dahlberg
Meredith Hager
Mike Marks
Paul Hogan
Peter Mitchell
Rich Welsh
Robert Debes
Sandra Egizi
Shauna Moody
Stacey Dubowitch
Steve Pon
Steve Squibb
Tameka Gravesande
Jane Bierstedt
Thomas McGrew
Vito Sylvester
William Schwarze