Banner Financial Aid

The Banner Financial Aid module is used to help manage and administer student aid and the many services that are provided by the Drexel Student Resource Center and Financial Aid Office. 

Application Functionality:

SunGard Banner Financial Aid assists in handling the daily activities of the Financial Aid Office, which includes performing tracking, budgeting, need analysis and packaging.  Meeting the demands for information, SunGard Banner Financial Aid contains the following integrated components: applicant record creation, requirements tracking, student budget assignment, need analysis, and packaging.  

Also included are funds management, disbursement, award history/transcripts, direct lending, electronic data exchange (EDE), reporting, loan processing, and return of Title IV fund information.

Listed below are some of the specific services that Banner Financial Aid supports:

  • Processing Financial Aid Applications
  • Tracking Requirements
  • Calculating Need
  • Assigning Student Budgets
  • Managing Funds
  • Packaging Aid
  • Processing Federal Grants
  • Processing Loans
  • Managing Federal Work Study
  • Monitoring Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Returning Title IV Funds
  • Working with Population Selection and Letter Generation