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Over the past 12 years Drexel University has experienced an unprecedented growth.  Unfortunately, our students have not experienced a similar growth in the sense of a Drexel community.  The Traditions Program intends to renew the heritage of our university by educating students through reviving events that have been lost in the pages of our history.  Connecting students with the broad and rich history that they are a part of empowers them to take pride in their university and develop a lifetime relationship with their university. 

The Drexel Fund office and undergraduates on the Traditions Executive Council lead this initiative.  The Traditions Executive Council has developed a strategic plan to accomplish the following goals:

  • To educate students about Drexel’s history and traditions.
  • To support a culture of philanthropy within Drexel’s student body through an evolving class gift initiative. 
  • To help current students and alumni establish lifelong relationships with their university. 
  • To enhance “Drexel Excellence” for future generations. 

Overall, this mission focuses on the fostering of lifetime relationships and citizenship within the Drexel community. 

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