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Along with several Drexel traditions, homecoming had been lost in the pages of time.  In 2009 the Traditions Program, in conjunction with several campus organizations and Drexel administration collaborated to reestablish a homecoming packed with Drexel pride.  The new Drexel homecoming connects the Drexel community with events that are geared towards generating fun and camaraderie amongst undergraduates, alumni, family, and staff. 

Founder’s Day

During the 1950’s and ‘60’s, Drexel students and administrators would celebrate the founding of our university.  The Traditions Program intends to honor the legacy of our founders once again in an event that will promote the rich history of our university. 

Institute Day

In the early 20th century, Drexel students would be honored for their “Drexel Excellence” with the “Detur Award”. “Detur” a latin word for “Let it be given” denotes the gift of prestigious books from the university to the award recipient. The set of books was often a print that was difficult to obtain and contained scholastic wealth. This gift was a metaphor and honor to the recipient on behalf of their unique achievement while an undergraduate.

Today, Institute Day is an opportunity for students to recognize each other for Drexel Excellence with the new Detur Award.

Bon Voyage – Senior Send-off

President MacAlister, our institution’s first president, would often cancel classes to allow Drexel students to watch war ships set sail.  The students would wave their orange Drexel flags, that being the school color during that time, and send-off the ships with well wishes.  In honor of this long lost tradition, we have re-established it as the Bon Voyage- Senior Send-Off event.  In place of war ships, we honor all seniors as we celebrate their tremendous accomplishment. 

For more information on the inaugural event click here 

Alumni Legacy Dinner

This new tradition is an effort of the Traditions Program to reconnect with Drexel’s forgotten heritage. Launched in 2008, the Alumni Legacy Dinner is an opportunity for Drexel undergraduates and alumni to comfortably share stories of the unique heritage that has shaped the Drexel experiences of our participating alumni. With the direct knowledge of Drexel history that is gained during this event, the Traditions Program is better equipped to revive and connect our past with our future.

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